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    Hello community


      I have an TM-U220 Epson printer, and I want to print 12,5 mm labels. The problem is that it currently prints 25 mm labels. Does anyone know how to adjust the cutting distance from FM?

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          Not a clue, Glad, but a little tip about how to use this forum. Put something in your subject line that describes the nature of your problem (like "TM-U220 Epson won't print 12,5 mm labels"). That'll attract the sort of eyeballs that may come equipped with an actual answer. Furthermore, it'll mean that future forum users with the same question as yours can find it easily using a keyword search.


          Good work in flagging it as a question to be answered, tho. Some users overlook that feature, and it offers benefits of its own.


          Good luck!

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            Oh, i understrand. Thank you for the help.