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    Windows Event Log Integration


      Currently the company I work for uses FMP13 for a lot of our day to day tasks.


      So my thought was to integrate the event log files from our servers into a single database on our FM13 server.


      My question is, does anyone here know how to set up an ODBC connection from a FM server, to a specific machine's event log?


      If not then is it possible to get that machine's event log to write to a SQL database and then pull from there into the FM13 server?



      On a related note if you look at a filtered event log it saves as a .evtx file.


      When I translate that into a CSV (which if it were only that easy) all I see is the top level information IE the following:


      Event Level          Date and Time                 Source                                        Event ID

      Information                XXXXXX        Microsfot Windows Security etc                XXXXXX



      Yet the information I need is located in the grey field below this top level information IE:



      Account Name: Username

      Account Domain XXX



      Yet this information exists in the XML view:


      Is there someway to import an XML file into FM13?


      If there is; do the fields auto sort like they do with an xls/csv file?



      Thanks in advance; this whole thing is a bit of a headache. I think I bit off more than I anticipated for my first FM project.