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Import XML from File vs HTTP Request - bug?

Question asked by user375 on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by beverly

I have a simple http request with an associated custom XSL file for grabbing UPS Quantum View XML data. If I (1) grab the response XML from UPS and put it into a field, (2) copy and paste that content into a text file and save it as an XML file, then (3) import from the XML source as a file (using my custom XSL file) - everything is jiffy - my records import with the proper matching fields. So far so good.


I want to automate this to skip the steps (1) and (2) above and simply import from an http request instead. But when I do it that way, I get a "XML/XSL information is not enough to proceed with import/export" error. What gives?


I have confirmed that the data copied from my field (and saved to file) is the same data populated in my HTTP request during the import step, after all they are being generated by the same base request. Both the import by file and import by HTTP are using the same XSL file.


Am I correct in that the Import by HTTP Request should be populated with the RESULTS of my request, not the request XML itself?


I realize I can automate Steps 1 and 2 for this process as well, but would rather have a straightforward approach.


Any ideas? Thanks.