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Copy records to temporary file

Question asked by BerkleyKeen on Oct 2, 2015

I am working on a solution to store employee event (hire, terminate, rehire) dates in a separate table. The current event date is stored in the employee table. An edit script (Copy Dates to TEMP EDIT)  copies the employee id, hire date, termination date, rehire date (use set variable function) to a temporary edit table (TEMP_EDIT). TEMP_EDIT has fields for current dates and a field to select type of date edit and to input date. Another script copies the edited date, event type (hire, termination, rehire) to EVENT DATE Log and updates the employee file.


When the "Copy Dates to TEMP EDIT" scripts runs, Filemaker displays the message "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable". After selecting the "OK" button, the script copies correct information and goes to next field. After selecting the "OK" button on each field, the correct information is copied.


Thanks for any comments or suggestions.