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Why only horizontal Ruler in Browse and not also vertical?

Question asked by gregew on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2015 by beverly

I can only make the horizontal ruler appear in Browse mode.  I go to View, but only the singular "Ruler" is an option, which when checked, reveals or hides only the Horizontal Rule.  I have both "Rulers" as an option in Edit Layout, but am I mis-remembering and have I never had the Vertical Ruler available in Browse mode?  And if so has this changed in Ver 13 or 14? (I have 12 Advanced.)  Sure would be convenient to see the Vertical as well.


(I apparently originally posted this in the wrong place, so sorry for any repetition you see.  Happy to read this morning that the ForumMaster is simplifying Community posting choices to avoid such confusion as I just experienced.)