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    Custom Web Publishing, FileMaker Server 14, FMStudio



      Is there a recent update to the PHP libraries produced by FMStudio (FMStudio_Tools.php) that is compatible with FileMaker Server 14 and the latest FM PHP API or at the very least, the .fmp12 file format?



      Last weekend we upgraded a big FileMaker Server 11 system to FileMaker Server 14. The conversion was successful and the FileMaker Pro users are very happy with the new interface (theme) and the speed improvement.


      The only major catastrophe is the PHP web sites that we created in 2009-2010 using FMStudio from FMWebschool.

      (1) Web Site A: approx 1,000 logins per week (peak periods), we can no longer get past the login screen.

      (2) Web Site B: approx 2,000 logins per week (peak periods), we can login but the entire page content does not load properly, only partially.


      See attached screenshot. Both web sites have the following:

      (a) remnants of FMStudio 1 with the original FMStudio_Tools.php page located inside the FileMaker folder (the FM PHP API folder).

      (b) the FMStudio_v2 folder containing an early update of the FMStudio_Tools.php page

      (c) the latest FileMaker Server 14 FM PHP API, the FileMaker folder and the FileMaker.php file, copied to the root level of each web site folder


      Earlier this week I purchased the latest upgrade to FMStudio Pro extension for DreamWeaver with the aim to recreate the web sites. However, in my haste I did not check the version compatibility. I have DreamWeaver CS6 which is incompatible with the upgraded extension and I have to wait until I can upgrade to DreamWeaver CC.



      Thanks in advance



      Michael Richards

      Brisbane (Australia)


      Web Site A folder.JPG

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          nope. AFAIK the people that were in charge of that product fell off the face of the earth sometime in 2013, and I've been hearing continual stories of it bricking or failing ever since. Their latest version stated it was FMS13 compatible, but from what I've heard there are issues still going back to FMS13.


          Your best option for longevity is to update to the filemaker PHP API and rewrite sections in native PHP as appropriate. with ~3k logins per week, it seems like it's mission critical enough that you can make the investment. Might be a good time to get a mentor that knows the PHP API to pitch in.

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            Thanks for the reply Mike. Much appreciated.


            I did get a response from FMWebSchool (see Allyson's email message at bottom) that helped us band-aid (sticky plaster) the situation. The PHP API installed with FileMaker Server 12 and downgrading to PHP 4 enabled us to limp onwards in this instance. Catastrophe narrowly averted, I will now look at re-writing the web sites using native FM PHP API commands, as you suggested.


            Although, this pressure situation did force me to experiment with WebDirect for the first time ever as a possible "Plan B". I was able to re-build the core modules of the web sites within a day. Single user performance was phenomenal, just need to test the performance under load with lots of users.


            Thanks again.


            Michael Richards

            Brisbane (Australia)





            From: "Allyson Olm" <allyson@fmwebschool.com>
            Date: 2 October 2015 11:23:39 pm AEST
            To: <m.richards1@uq.edu.au>
            Subject: RE: New Ticket Alert

              Hi Michael,

            FMStudio Pro has only been fully tested and supported through FMS13.  Was
            your site created with FMStudio Pro?  If so, you would need to use the API
            files that were provided for FMS12. 

            In kindness,
            Allyson Olm