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    Filter portal search (Cartesian)


      I am interested in using the Enhanced Value Selection technique found here:

      Filtered Portals that update without Refresh... . Using FileMaker Pro . Forum . FileMaker Forums


      It works great!  However, I also needed to add 2nd criteria to the relationship to narrow down the type.  The field PROC is global ="P" which links up items with type = "p".


      My question is how do I default to being able to see all in the portal.   I would like to be able to see the full list of related records BEFORE typing anything in gSearch field. it seems that when I add the 2nd criteria the default view of related records is no records.  As I start to type i see the narrowed list of records.


      thanks in advance.  I'm stumped on this!



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          Do you have any reason for adding 2nd criteria to relationship? You can add it to filter calculation.


          and ( IsEmpty ( transactions::PROC ) or transactions::PROC = all_items_PROC::type )

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            hmm..  not sure that works. Yes the reason for 2nd criteria is I have a list of items, which includes procedures, which also includes "favorite" procedures.


            I want to use a selector button to narrow down to favorites.  and then still be able to use the cartesian search method with gSearch field and script trigger onmodify.


            here is my current portal filter calc:

            IsEmpty ( transactions::gSearch) or PatternCount (all_items_PROC::descr ; transactions::gSearch)


            transactions:PROC is a "P" for every record linked to type P in items table.

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              Criterias in relationship is always defined as AND criteria, then if you use X with some other condition, in result X will be ignored.


              So try changing the filter (with parrenthesis, for clear order of and/or).

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