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Question asked by jatowle on Oct 1, 2015
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hi group,

i have a problem that I can't figure out I am sines FileMaker 14 with FileMaker server. I have alot  table in the database that are native to FileMaker and some shadow tables based on another sql database connected via ODBC. The problem is whe users are login in to the solution via FileMaker go on iPad or via the web portal they are asked for their FileMaker user name and password which is normal but when they navigate to a layout that has date pulling from one of the shadow tables the are asked for their user name and password for that external data source. This does not happen when user log in via FileMaker Pro on a desktop that has the software installed on said machine. Is there a way to set something up in security or a script that elements the need for the second user name and password i dont know if this a FileMaker thing or a server thing or is it something to do with the external database



Jeff towle