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Best way to navigate back and forth between two databases (example: Contacts and Invoices)?

Question asked by user24799 on Oct 1, 2015
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What is the best way to navigate back and forth between two databases?


(I am using FileMaker Pro 14.)


Here are two scenarios that I am trying to figure out:


1. The user is on a Mac and they have two monitors. My goal is to display  (contacts on monitor A) and  (invoices on monitor B) without the two windows being hidden when the user navigate between the two databases.


Example: The user opens the "Contacts" database and they see a single contact record with a portal that shows all of the invoices for that particular contact. When they click on the invoice in the portal a new window opens from the "Invoices" database and it displays the corresponding invoice that they just clicked on.


I am not asking how to automatically get the different databases to open on specific monitors (although I am curious if that is even possible). What I am trying to understand is how to best manage the windows when switching between the two databases.




A. How do I prevent multiple instances of the same database from opening when using the "go to related record" command?



2. The users are on Mac and Windows and have a single monitor. My goal is to only display a single  (full screen) window at a time when the user navigates between the Contacts data and the Invoices database.




B. Similar to question A...but specifically how do I "open and hide" the windows when switching between the two databases (Contacts and Invoices) without ending up with multiple instances of the same window?