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StandBy Server - connection failed

Question asked by disabled_plachym on Oct 2, 2015

Hi developers!


I've got stuck a bit when I am trying to connect a standBy server with my primary machine and I'd like to ask you for your help or tips to handle this issue.


This is a bundle of commands I've been using on primary machine:


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 14.41.01.png


The SSL certificate issue is not important at this moment but as you can see I am able to generate a setup code for my standBy server (so standBy server is reachable at that moment). Then I use this setup code on standBy server and the setup code is accepted.

After that I return to primary machine to continue a connection process but error message appears:


"Standby connect command failed (1631)".


Primary machine:


StandBy server:


My original purposes was that host names and IPs are somehow mixed in the meaning that response is awaitng from instead of or something like that.

We are still working on our internal DNS server but I've thought I could try it just through IP address. I think it should works anyway.


Do you have some tips why connection has failed?


Thank you very much!