Making text object tilt 60 degree (css editing)

Discussion created by sunnychu on Oct 2, 2015

I've been fiddling around with the CSS file inside the filemaker theme folder (using windows btw) trying to make my text object tilt 45-60 degree. I had zero knowledge regarding css and I am just guessing my way through. I am hoping if someone with CSS knowledge can give me some brief pointer? Here is what I did:


So i read from a tutorial blog about how to use the rotate command.

Capture 2.PNG

Then I went to duplicate a copy of the wave_touch theme in the theme folder and find the CSS file, I was able to locate the below section of code using visual studio.


Then I added the line -fm-transform: rotate(60deg);


It is not working the way I wanted it, so I did some of variations:


transform: rotate(60deg);

box-transform: rotate(60deg);

Still not working so here I am seeking help in the forum

Thanks in advance