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    User layouts


      I close to trying out a solution I have developed. Ultimately it will be for PC/Mac as Runtimes and iOS. My 'developer layouts' have a lot of fields/ info useful to my development that I want to hide from the user. The user will move around the solution using script buttons and have access restricted to 'user layouts'.


      General Q: Is it still better than I leave the hidden developer layouts in place for ease of re-development during the trial/bug fix phase or should I be aiming to remove them entirely from any solution a user receives?

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          Markus Schneider

          it depends..

          - if a script goes (ie startup..) in a layout (TO) with 'slow' fields (summary, unstored stuff,), it can be critical, slow

          - if not (and normal users will have no access to those layouts), it matters less


          it makes no sense to add 'developer' layouts every now and then again, just make sure that those layouts don't slow down, doesn't mess up - and keep them clean (ie no summary fields when not needed, etc.)


          when a file was used locally, then put on a FM Server, it remenbers the 'first' start layout. Can be a real slow down with many records and/or slow 'fields'...

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            Thanks, good advice.