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    Email to SMS Setup


      I am modifying my Filemaker script that was sending emails to clients to now send Text messages. I am trying to set this up to send the email to TextMagic where it is then sent to the inserted phone number.

      The TextMagic "To:" is in the format "1(my phone)@textmagic.com,1(client's phone)@textmagic.com"

      where a "1" is in front of each phone number and a comma after my identification & phone.

      I have tested this link successfully from my email, but cannot get the "Send Mail" script to accept this "To:" format.

      I am trying to create a new field to insert the client's phone in this TextMagic format & get the "Send mail" script to accept it, but no luck yet.

      Any help appreciated.

      Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at Oct. 3, 2015  11.48.22 AM.png

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          Have you tried sending without the attachment ?

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            I haven't got to that far yet. Don't know if I need to do a PDF attachment for this Send Mail script.

            I can now send myself a text by manually entering my phone number in the place of the "client's phone". What I have not figured out is how to do a "Merge Field" to insert the client's phone number in this format for the "To:"

            Then I need to find out if I can merge fields into the message so I don't need a PDF attachment.

            Thanks for the reply.

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              I think I have got it working. The merge fields in Send Email work if I add a "& at the beginning and end if the merged field. This works for all of the Send Email blanks.

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                "merge field" is defined term in FM, on layout text object containing <<>> like as


                some text<<table::field>>another text


                This can be used with naming object,

                GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( theName ; "contents" )

                but your answer is more simple, concatenate text with field value calculation

                "some text" & table::field & "another text"