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    SMTP on Server

      I have a solution which will be accessed through FileMaker Pro and FileMaker WebDirect.


      Users connecting to FileMaker WebDirect will not be able to send SMTTP emails from their computers presumably as they are not on our network.


      What are the best methods to ensure emails are sent from our FileMaker Server - is a plugin the way forward or can it be done through Perform Script on Server.


      I have a start up script on my FileMaker solution, so i'm not sure if it will be interfered by this?


      Any advice is welcomed, thanks!

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          I was able to achieve this by performing two separate scripts.This method assumes you have a working SMTP configuration on your FileMaker Server e.g you can send SMTP emails from server. A good way to test this is through the FileMaker Server admin console (General Settings > Email Notifications) then you can click Test SMTP Settings.


          Script 1: Send Mail


          Script 2: Perform Script on Server [wait for completion; "Send Mail"]


          This came in really handy when using a deployment with FileMaker WebDirect users. Sending emails directly from our server was much better for us.


          Hope this helps