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    Removing missing fields from an Import Records script step (using variable as data source)


      Using FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced, I found in my Database Design Report that I have missing fields in an import records script step. When I go to investigate the import order, there are indeed blank fields and I do not have the ability to remove them. It's important to mention that my script looks like this (simplified):


      Insert File [Filters; Reference; Never compress; <ContainerField>]

      <If statement checks if filename is correct. If not, script is exited.>

      Set Variable [$Report; Value: GetValue (<ContainerField> ; 2)]

      Import Records [No dialog; "$Report"; Add; Unicode]


      I use Insert File because the Import Records dialog can not be customized to auto-select the appropriate format. I also am unable to check the file being imported in the Import Records dialog to make sure the correct file was selected for the task.


      I would love the above statement to be proven wrong. Otherwise, I would like to find a way to refresh the list of fields that are displayed in the Import Field Mapping dialog.


      Bonus question, because of the method I use, I am unable to select the option to not import the first record. Is there a way around this?


      Any help is appreciated.