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Removing missing fields from an Import Records script step (using variable as data source)

Question asked by jsheller on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by jsheller

Using FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced, I found in my Database Design Report that I have missing fields in an import records script step. When I go to investigate the import order, there are indeed blank fields and I do not have the ability to remove them. It's important to mention that my script looks like this (simplified):


Insert File [Filters; Reference; Never compress; <ContainerField>]

<If statement checks if filename is correct. If not, script is exited.>

Set Variable [$Report; Value: GetValue (<ContainerField> ; 2)]

Import Records [No dialog; "$Report"; Add; Unicode]


I use Insert File because the Import Records dialog can not be customized to auto-select the appropriate format. I also am unable to check the file being imported in the Import Records dialog to make sure the correct file was selected for the task.


I would love the above statement to be proven wrong. Otherwise, I would like to find a way to refresh the list of fields that are displayed in the Import Field Mapping dialog.


Bonus question, because of the method I use, I am unable to select the option to not import the first record. Is there a way around this?


Any help is appreciated.