Attend>>> FileMaker World Wide User Group... Oct 8th, 6:55PM Pacific

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We're broadcasting from FM-DIG this month at FileMaker Headquarters!

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FMPUG Without Borders:  FM Pug without borders


FMPUG Without Borders monthly webinar for the month of October. This event will take place on Oct 8th, 2015 at 6:55 PM Pacific Time.


You are invited to attend the next FileMaker user group meeting in Santa Clara, CA. The DigFM group is a collection of FileMaker enthusiasts who meet monthly to share ideas and best practices of using the FileMaker Platform.



Jason is going to introduce Linear Blue’s new product, SyncServer Pro (SSP), which was born from SyncDeK, and introduces significant improvements, especially to the creation and management user interface and the steps required to prepare a database for syncing.


One of SSP’s most notable features is the fact that the Tier-1 version is FREE, and with it you can offer enhanced disaster recovery for your FileMaker database solutions with iterative server-side local backup and roll-forward. Our favorite use of this very handy free functionality is its ability to greatly enhance offline development and version re-deployment, something Jason will demonstrate during the demo.


But SSP’s capabilities far from end there.  With the Tier-2 product ($1250), comes server-side detailed audit log creation that works with all connections supported by FileMaker Server (Pro, Go, CWP, WebDirect) and the ability to do remote data backup and roll-back of undesired changes to your data.


The Tier-3 product (starting at $2850 for two servers) introduces multi-server data synchronization to support Hot Failover, load-balancing, multi-site syncing and integration between FileMaker and various SQL database systems.


All of these capabilities come under one product roof, require a common, very minimal wizard-based setup process, and come backed by over 15 years experience building complex data synchronization for some of FileMaker’s top customers.



Before joining Linear Blue as CTO in April, 2013, Jason was the CEO of WorldSync, Inc., a company he co-founded in 2003 to build and market the SyncDeK product line — the precursor to Linear B