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    Filemaker lessons needed


      Hi everyone,

      Need to learn filemaker quickly. Don't want to spend most of my time going through tutorials. I want to create a simple database for my job.

      Therefore, if there's someone willing to teach me, I'm willing to pay him / her.



      Note: Currently using Filemaker Pro 13

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          Even the simplest database gets pretty complicated pretty fast.  Take it from another noob.  You have to put in the time with some books and tutorials or you'll most likely end up with the following:

          1.  Go to far in the wrong direction and the DB is unusable/needs to be rebuilt/loose all your data.

          2,  Realize you need new features and have to totally rebuild.

          3.  As you add data, your DB slows to a crawl, because it was designed wrong, and you have to rebuild.


          All of this leads to wasted time, and lots of frustration.


          The only 'shortcut' if you will is to either use the starter solutions, or go to FM Starting Point or a site like it and find already built databases that are close to your needs.