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    jive under iOS9

    Markus Schneider

      some strange behavior here

      - text box but no keyboard

      - iOS windows appear without any action (ie airdrop window)

      - phantom selection.. auto correct will change existing text, not the text corresponding to the auto correct entry

      - can't move the cursor (happens in other browser apps as well)

      - slower. Will type faster as jive recognize some alternate chars (change from text to numeric,)

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          Thanks for writing these up, Markus. I'll try to make time soon to recreate these issues so I can report them to Jive support.

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            Markus Schneider

            I believe that I made another posting for the same - with some screenshots


            here are the screenshots of the misplaced selection:

            wrong selection (options in black are correct placed, selection wrong):



            all fine:




            and onother strange one:


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              Markus Schneider

              any news here? Dealing with jive and iOS9 drives one crazy...


              thank You for Your help!

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                My apologies Markus -- I'm way behind on this. Haven't had the time to try to recreate the issues. I'll just send your reports directly to Jive Support and see what they say.

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                  Markus Schneider

                  thank You very much, Mark!

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                    Here's the initial response from Jive Support. Could you remind me of the details of how you are viewing the community? My recollection is that you decided that the app was too slow, so you're using the mobile browser, but please confirm. Which iOS device? Which browser & version (probably the most recent Safari, but please give details)?


                    Which issue would you like them to try to reproduce?








                    From your user's screenshots, it looks to me like he's using a Mobile browser rather than the iOS app itself. It's a little difficult to tell since they aren't full page screenshots however the Mobile Browser and the Mobile App are two different layers in the troubleshooting process.


                    Assuming he's seeing this behavior in a mobile browser, I suggest we focus on one particular issue and attempt to reproduce it.  At this time I'm unable to reproduce the "text box but no keyboard" on the mobile browser in your community.

                    It'd be great to know which mobile browser he's using and what device, might help us reproduce the behavior.  Also, what discussion is he specifically using when reproducing this issue?  I'll attempt on the same discussion.

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                      Markus Schneider

                      THank You very much Mark!


                      AFter installing iOS9.1, I did not hav the issue with the misplacement of the black box (copy/paste, etc), 9.1 seems to address some issues


                      THe most annoying things

                      - 2 uppercase letters at the beginning of every paragraph

                      - unable to delete words (after pressing the delete key for a while)

                      - sometimes, after scrolling through postings, pressed keys are not typed

                      - sometimes keyboard will not change after entering a blank, stays in numeric mode (after a new paragraph)

                      - adding images.. sometimes the box to select an image doesn't appear in the normal size, no chance to sekect

                      - adding images.. button doesn't work, seems deaf

                      - after pasting some text, the window scrolls out of sight

                      - the interface is too small for iOS (other products have 'skins' to change the look&feel

                      - etc


                      and no, the iOS app doesn't work - at least the 2 times I installed that. If one enters a couple of lines of text, the text will not scroll up, so the keyboard is over the text, one writes blind. Searching wasn't ok as well - so I deleted that app


                      I'm running iOS9.1 with tho stock safari, no idea where to find a version info

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                        Markus Schneider

                        not sure if this is a jive issue:



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                          Markus Schneider

                          and here's the issue with selecting images...


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                            Thanks, Markus -- I'll ask Jive Support look at this thread again.

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                              Hi Markus, here's the next round of questions:


                              The user is on iOS 9.1 and he's using the stock Safari browser, did he say what device he's currently testing on and I just missed it?  It'd be great to know if he can reproduce this issue on different browsers as well, in particular the 'text box but no keyboard'.


                              Please have the user install the Google Chrome browser on his iOS device and attempt to reproduce the issue.  Let me know precisely which discussion (link) that he reproduced the problem on as well as what device (ideally testing another devices but I'll see what I can do with what I've got in the office).





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                                Markus Schneider

                                thank You very much for Your effort Mark!!


                                I'm on an iPad Air2, 128GB, iOS9.1 (about 90 GB free)


                                - the missing keyboard doesn't appear often, can't have that on command. It will happen often, when answering a posting and scrolling all up to view the first of many post, then scroll back to the answer (edit box still open)


                                - another browser is a no-go for several reason (I mean, if they don't want safari, they shouldn't come with an iOS version), I tested several browsers and went back to Safari. Further on, when reading the user comments for chrome, it doesn't seem to work well under the current systems (2012: quite good ratings, 2015 rather bad ratings..)

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                                  Markus Schneider

                                  here's another one... invisible text





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                                    HI Markus,


                                    Here is support's latest response. Are you willing to continue exploring this issue with them, possibly installing another browser on your iOS device? I'm happy to continue as the go-between on the conversation, but I can't jump in to assist with the actual testing of these issues right now myself -- have too many other things on my plate in terms of supporting and improving the community. I hope you understand.








                                    Jive support wrote:


                                    While I can understand the user's reservations, we're attempting to troubleshoot an issue which includes scoping how widespread the damage is.  Installing another browser and attempting to reproduce the behavior is necessary to determine if this is a browser specific issue.


                                    I have seen some bugs filed around this topic, we're just trying to make sure it's the same issue already reported and noted by Engineering so that we can get it fixed.


                                    For example, in TABDEV-4237, we see that you cannot bring soft keyboard back after cancel @mention list. I'd like to confirm this is the same issue the user is facing, here are the reproduction steps.

                                    1. Create a status update

                                    2. Tap @ to bring @mention list

                                    3. Tap anywhere outside of the mention popover to cancel @mention list

                                    4. Tap on body area to bring up keyboard

                                    Result: the soft keyboard is not brought up. So there is not way to enter text from this point.


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