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Container storage

Question asked by FilmUser on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by Andy Hibbs

Filmaker Advanced 13

Windows 7 Enterprise


I have developed an inserting script for a container field which involves the choice of 5 different images (jpgs), selected based on the value
in another number field, with a drop down list of 1 – 5. This choice fires a script trigger which makes invisible certain other text fields and line
objects, and inserts the correct image file into the container.


When developing this script / field combination, I used the Store reference option and used a file path on my own computer to test and refine the whole thing. The solution is in one table of a data base hosted on a server (in another state), hosted with FMServer 13, with about 35 clients running FMP13.


After reading yesterday’s thread, I’m thinking that “Store container data externally” would be the best option for this. I changed the
storage option in the field definition, and selected the Open storage option. I’m unclear, however, on the steps I need to take on setting up the location for the files, and the paths in the script.


Can someone help with this?