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    FM12 - great Music Server: QuickTime?; folder reference?


      I've been using FM since pre-Claris first appeared, long ago*. About 15 years ago, burning my vinyl records to CDs, I started a FM record for each classical piece, about 900 FM records.


      Now, I am using FM12 with Yosemite as I begin to rip my CD collection to Apple Lossless files. Wonderful, wonderful. I can look up Beethoven, sort to find symphonies in numeric order (01, 02...) and Spotlight the file instantly.... and then it plays in iTunes. Nice. No tinker-toy music server database can hold a candle to the power of FM.... and the meta-tags for classical music (that iTunes relies on) is so inaccurate as to be useless in practice.


      Or saving a few steps..... I created a container field in FM that links to that file and plays in QuickTime right from within FM, But the interface of the QT that lives inside FM is very rudimentary. In particular, the loudness setting is tiny and crude and pieces often start off at loud blasting levels. Is there any way to have a more user-friendly music player open when I choose that container field? Or some aspect of the layout that can be better than what I've experimented with?


      Now, that container field refers to a SINGLE folder, in a fixed hierarchical relationship to the FM file. It looks like I have to put ALL my music files (500 of them) inside that single folder. But seems to me, 500 files taking up 135GB, is too unwieldy for a single folder. Any way to spread the files into more folders, can I create two container fields without adding to the confusion, or should I just not fret about it?


      Your guidance on these two questions and any other help appreciated.



      *hint: if you have a long professional resume (ahem, ahem), nothing sweeter than keeping it in FM and printing out the parts relevant to each occasion.

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          You can use many folders on external container.

          Read the last note on

          Setting up container fields to store data externally


          Web viewer may be able to play audio.

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            Many thanks for your help in pointing me to the final note in the link.


            I gather that a calculation in the container field will define the folder where the music file is located?? While I can type those words, I have no idea what I am talking about, let alone how to bring it about. But I'll experiment as soon as I'm sure I've hidden-away my 150GB database for protection.


            Any ideas about playing the container field with something more usable than the little QuickTime app?




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              The example in help use ID, then only 1 file will be in a folder. You can use some field like as "composer" to use as folder path, then many files it has same composer go to a folder.


              I don't use Mac for playing music, is there any favorite player you use?

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                Again, many thanks.


                Perhaps I am being needlessly fussy. No real problem, I think, in having 500  files in one folder. Not like 500 slips of paper! It would be rare to need to eyeball the contents without first searching or sorting or otherwise structuring the 500 file list.


                If I were to distribute my 500 files to a few folders, What I would want in the container field is: "if record ID number is between 200 and 299, store file in Folder 02". Too bad I don't know how to do that (and might not really have any reason to build it anyway).


                Several ways to use my FM12 music server to play music. With each of my music pieces occupying a record, I can simply bring up some record(s) of Beethoven using FM and then jot down some enough identifying information to get the file ("search for 1225"). Clicking on the file to open it, typically starts the music in iTunes. That is fine.


                There are more elaborate music player apps from people like JRiver.


                But within FM, the container field plays the file in QuickTime player. Basic and does nothing but offer loudness adjustments, but it is all the functionality I want from my music server... audio adjustments are made downstream with digital processing. However, the QuickTime buttons are too small and awkward to use easily. So I wish FileMaker Corp would make it possible for the container field to open in iTunes or another app with better buttons.



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                  For "if record ID number is between 200 and 299, store file in Folder 02", container open storage path

                  "yourtable/yourfield/" & SerialIncrement ( "00" ; Div ( ID ; 100 ) )


                  If the audio file extensions are related to iTunes, export field contents and auto open will play the file in iTunes.

                  But, iTunes itself has its database/playlist, so the screen is not seems good integration...

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                    Many thanks, again, for the coding.


                    I suspect I will simply end up putting all 500 files into one folder. That way I can go into that folder and find a serial-numbered file or search for a composer, etc... rather than have multiple unclassified folders.


                    My music files are ".m4a". That's a folder-like designation with a few files inside such as for cues, music, album cover art, etc. The music  it contains is either Apple Lossless or MP4 files. Either will play with a variety of players but typically opens in iTunes.


                    However, the FM12 "QuickTime" container field, as I poorly understand it, is built to play the contents with a lousy little FM QuickTime gimmick. The sound is OK but the gimmick screen interface is small and crude. Very easy to find Beethoven's Moonlight sonata on a record in FM12, and then simply to click on the little gimmick to start the music while on that screen.


                    BUT, my problem is the gimmick is so crude to work with. When I select the music container field, I'd like to see a larger screen interface and to be able to pre-set a default loudness or set a loudness that adheres to THAT piece of music. Please.


                    Otherwise, FM makes a great music server infinitely configurable to your music interests* (including a picture container field for cover art or the scanned album or handwritten notes). Any time I visit a house with a classical CD collection, I urge the owner to rip their collection to FM.



                    *I have a field for "HiFi" that indicates if the music piece on that record is great for HiFi demos since I like to show off my system... esp when it is from a vinyl recording 50 years old

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                      Another possible way to use QuickTime Player from FileMaker would be to use AppleScript. You can then play the file with the QuickTime Player itself; it will open its own window, with its own buttons (which looks a lot better than FileMakers).


                      It also has a way to set the audio volume (see below, which I copied from AppleScript's Library window for QuickTime Player {I believe it has it there by default}):


                      audio volume (real) : The volume of the movie from 0 to 1, where 1 is 100%.


                      You'd want to set what you wanted in the FileMaker record for the file, then set the above before you telling it to "play" (the file).


                      You can also tell QuickTime Player where to put the window it opens, and its size (though this takes some effort).


                      There is another free application, VLC, which can but run via AppleScript. It has more features. I've only tested it a little.


                      This is a file which I'd built (long ago), to try this out.

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                        Super. Thanks. I'll see if I am capable of testing these suggestions.


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                          I would like to have a blank sample of your file to see how you set it up. Years ago there was not much available to do this music inventory

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                            Dear Ben,

                                                I've been looking for a solution to a problem which I think mirrors yours. So far, the most interesting lead is a plugin called SimpleSound from a company called 24u. I have thousands of voice memo's in FileMaker 12, one memo per record, and I am looking for something that will enable me to play a selected group of them sequentially in much the same way as a CD player plays a selected CD. I would appreciate hearing from you as it sounds as if you must have found a solution for your situation.




                            Anthony J. Hudson