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FM12 - great Music Server: QuickTime?; folder reference?

Question asked by BenToronto on Oct 3, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Kookaburra308

I've been using FM since pre-Claris first appeared, long ago*. About 15 years ago, burning my vinyl records to CDs, I started a FM record for each classical piece, about 900 FM records.


Now, I am using FM12 with Yosemite as I begin to rip my CD collection to Apple Lossless files. Wonderful, wonderful. I can look up Beethoven, sort to find symphonies in numeric order (01, 02...) and Spotlight the file instantly.... and then it plays in iTunes. Nice. No tinker-toy music server database can hold a candle to the power of FM.... and the meta-tags for classical music (that iTunes relies on) is so inaccurate as to be useless in practice.


Or saving a few steps..... I created a container field in FM that links to that file and plays in QuickTime right from within FM, But the interface of the QT that lives inside FM is very rudimentary. In particular, the loudness setting is tiny and crude and pieces often start off at loud blasting levels. Is there any way to have a more user-friendly music player open when I choose that container field? Or some aspect of the layout that can be better than what I've experimented with?


Now, that container field refers to a SINGLE folder, in a fixed hierarchical relationship to the FM file. It looks like I have to put ALL my music files (500 of them) inside that single folder. But seems to me, 500 files taking up 135GB, is too unwieldy for a single folder. Any way to spread the files into more folders, can I create two container fields without adding to the confusion, or should I just not fret about it?


Your guidance on these two questions and any other help appreciated.



*hint: if you have a long professional resume (ahem, ahem), nothing sweeter than keeping it in FM and printing out the parts relevant to each occasion.