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    Using Pop-Up Menu & Value List


      I have a field Number_Shoes that is a Pop-Up Menu with a Value List numbered 1-25.  I have a second field Number_Shoes_Broken.  I am using a Pop-Up Menu with a value list and would like this value list to be limited to the number chosen in field Number_Shoes.


      Number_Shoes is selected to be 8, Number_Shoes_broken Pop-Up Menu will be numbered 1 - 8.

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          If you want to have dynamic value lists you need to think relationships.

          What I would do is probably:


          Create a utility table called NUMBERS (or anything else) with 25 records and just one number field "NUMBER_FIELD" in each record with the numbers 1 - 25.


          Then create a relationship from your main table to NUMBERS. Define that relationship to be

          Number_Shoes => NUMBER_FIELD


          Then define your second value list with all related values from NUMBERS.

          Now when you select a number in Number_Shoes the second value list will only contain numbers that are smaller or equal to that Number.

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            That was the solution I needed - thank you much!