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GetSummary Field in Portal

Question asked by TimRogers_1 on Oct 3, 2015

I'm creating a product ordering system.


Every Order database that is generated includes the date and the vendor name, and then a "Summary" Record is also created with the Date of the Order, the Vendor name, and a GetSummary Field with the total amount of the order:

Order Database.png


In the table for my vendors I want to have a portal showing just these summary fields and the date and totals of each order.

When i create the Portal, and sort the records everything shows up nicely:

portal unfiltered.png


However I only want the Summary records to show, so when I filter the portal to only show the records with Type = "Filter" the Order Summary Field is blank:



I want to be able to see a list of the dates of each order and the total amount.


Can someone please assist me as to the best way to accomplish this?

Here is a link to the sample Database:




Any help with this would be much appreciated!


Thank you