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Help - Database acting buggy, recover finds no errors

Question asked by luiza.b.almeida on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2015 by keywords

Hi Everyone,


I'm very new to filemaker and I'm a bit worried about the database I've been working on for a while, building every little detail and, now that I'm on the final run, it's acting up with some silly bugs. I've tried to make recover the file, and it always brings me a new file with "no errors found," but soon enough, it starts acting up again.


Some of the bugs are:


I created modal windows so the user will only edit the information through them to either save or cancel changes. But the modal window doesn't take me to the related file, it opens a random file, strangely. On the script, I have "go to related record",  yet it doesn't. Some other random bugs show up here and there, depending.


Do I have to throw my work out and start fresh? Is there anyway I can save this and stop the buggy madness?


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!