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    Autofilling script for new checkbox




      I am wondering what the script could be for autofilling a newly-created checkbox within a database.


      The found set has a code "CDReviews" which is in a separate text box and we have made a checkbox for entries. It's just a single value on a value list called "CD Reviews", and I'd like to check off every value with the aforementioned code (about 417 records in the database). Is there a script for this command? Remember, it's only one value in the value list, but I can't seem to wrap my head around the script necessary.



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          You can simply use the “Replace Field Contents” command with a calculated result; or fill in the value in one record, select the command while you're still in the field, then accept the suggestion of that value.


          Make sure to Show All Records if you want to apply the changes to all records.


          (This functionality is also available as a script step of the same name, but writing a script shouldn't be necessary here.)


          The usual caveat: there is no Undo, so be sure to have a recent backup handy in case something goes pear-shaped.

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