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    Script Triggers, Get(ActiveFieldName), insert pdf from disk on OS X





      I have several container fields on a popup window named:


      Con1, Con2,…..ect



      I want to connect the same One script trigger to each of the these containers.


      So that, if a user places the cursor in any one of those container fields, and that Field Is Empty, a dialog would appear asking the users if they want a script to be run, which would insert a pdf into that container field from the /ScanedData/ directory




      If a user places a cursor in any of the container fields and it  Is Not Empty, then the script trigger would do nothing.



      I assume I need to use the Get(ActiveFieldName)  to allow the Script trigger to determine which field the cursor is in and also insert the pdf into that container field.



      Does this make sense?


      If so how do I do it?



      Thank you