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Text Parsing question

Question asked by KenDeFilipps on Oct 3, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2015 by KenDeFilipps

I have a text string I am trying to split up and place into two separate fields.  I have tried parsing and filtering, but not having much success.


The raw text string is placed into a field called Rawtext and has the form below including commas and parens

((43.039598867970355, -76.1742639541626), (43.054056917882434, -76.16726875305176))


I need to parse out the first and third segments of numbers and place into another field called TexSeg1 in this form


And then do the same for the second and fourth segment into field called TexSeg2 in this form


These numbers can be of varying length so position counts won't work.  Left words, right words is giving me varying results, none of which is what I'm after.

Can someone suggest a method to accomplish this task?  BTW, this text string is being used to create a search.  So there is only one record in this table and the fields are all Global in nature.  There will never be any more than one record in this table.  The Rawtext field is overwritten each time I need to use it.

Thanks for any help you can offer.