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    Locking fields in a script


      I have a set of fields that are committed with a "Submit" button. Once this button is clicked, I have a script that runs, performing a bunch of actions, such as setting variables and fields, etc. in other tables. I want to lock down modification of these fields in the script so that after submit is pressed, the fields can't be changed. What sort of syntax would do this?

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          talkersw wrote:

          What sort of syntax would do this?


          I think it would be the “correct sort” of syntax – if there was a script set that changes the enter behaviour of fields; but there is none.


          What you could do is e.g. set a flag in the record and use it


          • for a Hide condition to swap the fields against their merge field counterparts

          • with a script trigger that on field enter immediately exists the field, if that flag is set (and maybe the active field belongs to a predefined list of specific fields)


          Finally, use the search facility of this forum to see other methods suggested.