Maintaining Data in a Specific Field

Discussion created by RachelMills on Oct 5, 2015
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Greetings, experts!
I have what I hope will be a quick question and a "duh" moment for me. We have a database that is used for clinical notes, an EHR. In our database, we have a form that's used for psychology treatment plans. Initially, the psychologist does a treatment plan and indicates it will take them 20 "sessions" with a patient to address a problem. We've written the system so that it beautifully then counts down each subsequent visit (of the appropriate type) as #20, #19, #18 and so on. This works well.

The issue is that within each of these subsequent visits is the field "remaining # of sessions", and it accurately reflects the sessions you have left in the treatment plan. Therefore, if I initially specified 20, and I'm on the second visit, it shows "18" visits left in this field. The problem comes in when you look back on previous notes. The field is "live" and therefore, at any given time, reflects the number of visits left- but NOT the number of visits left when that particular note was completed. I hope that makes sense.

An example:

I request 20 sessions with Joe. I see Joe 2 subsequent times, and my field reflects 18 sessions remaining. I see him again, and that new note reflects 17 sessions remaining (all is well). However, when I open up the note that I completed for visit #2, it, too, reflects 17 sessions remaining- because it's live and that's how many are actually left now. It used to say 18 sessions left, until I did another one. Now, if I print a copy of the 2nd note, the # of remaining sessions are actually wrong......


What field can I put in it's place that takes a snapshot of how many sessions were left *in that visit*, that doesn't change as the countdown does?


I'm guessing this is something simple I'm just overlooking, but for the life of me, cannot work my brain around it.


Thanks in advance!!