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FMP 14 Authenticating via AD but not creating a group with everyone

Question asked by evansj2 on Oct 5, 2015

Hello all,

Here is a little background

I run what amounts to an AV rental house on a college campus and we have an Equipment Trouble Reporting (ETR) system that we have used for well over 15 years. Its made the jump from FMP rev to rev with minimal issues because we never really opened it up to the public at large. But darn this internet, everyone wants to log on and see the status or enter new ETR.


Currently we have about 40 users total so entering into the system manually is fairly manageable, and we dont use the web interface. But the question is how do we incorporate authentication via our AD system and use the web for delivery?


Be warned, my understanding of AD is limited and my Sys Admin takes pity on me by giving me the dumb'ed down version. But the way its been described to me, currently we would need to give everyone an account in the ETR system to have it work. That's 10,000 +- and not really going to happen.


What i want is if they don't have the manually entered account that it checks AD. If the account is valid then we let them in and they can view Only the records that they have on record or create a new record.


We don't want to have to recreate it from the ground up to deal with the new technology/interface but maybe we should?

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.