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Simple(?) learning need - guidance please!

Question asked by jshimota on Oct 5, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2015 by jshimota

Hi. I decided not to give up on FileMaker, but took a new direction to learn more.

I'm understanding Many to Many relationships and have intermediary table.  Now I want to make a layout to give me some functionality.


I have a table of Fish. yep. fish.  I have a table of Bait.  Some fish eat different bait.  Some baits are right for different fish.

Both tables were full of data before I connected them.  I filled this data from Excel tables.


I'm trying to make a layout that shows a Fish. I want a list down the side (or below!) that has all the baits in my bait table and I want to click all the baits that work for that fish.  I think if I can get this learned I'll be able to expand on this knowledge to make it usable following that model to make the same functionality of fish to locations etc.


I've attached my FM file (the images are stored in an external container so as to keep file size to a minimum.  Would anyone like to make a basic layout so I can study that and learn how this stage is done?  Many thanks!