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    FileMaker Go 14.0x and iOS9

    Markus Schneider

      I decided to update to iOS9 last week - after running some test on older divices and friend's devices that were allready on iOS9


      tests showed that our main FMGo app was slower in some aspects - but I did not feel uncomfortable. My iPad4 was too slow, the current Air2 was OK


      after working for some days under iOS9, I can only recommend to stay on 8..

      - sloooooooow, even on the air2, some tasks are too slow

      - mistipps, sometimes, the 'airdrop part' appears on the bottom

      - when 'auto correct' (words in the bar over the keyboard)' sometimes a wrong selection appears - and will be replaced

      - every now and then, the cursor can't be placed using the finger (safari as well)

      - split view... seems the or one of the culprits. Windows in FM does no longer fit, has to moved around


      it's nit just FileMaker...

      - iPhone 5s: Sometimes , one can not establish the loudspeeker, sometimes vice versa

      - iPhone 5s: Camera from lock screen will appear, the button doesn't work (not every time)

      - etc


      concerning speed, I will activate the speed-check CF's for checking. But it's the very same app that did run fine under iOS8 (well... after 14.02 came out..)

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          out of curiosity are you dealing with hosted files from FMS, or local files on the iPad?

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            Markus Schneider

            sorry - forgot that: Only local files!


            I installed my 'checker scripts' - and every test script runs not bad, but the spinning wheel appears really more often.. and it was NOT a problem under iOS8.


            I had to download that fike on my Mac and upload again after changes. The first few tests were faster, then the spinning wheel appeared again

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              I've been doing some testing myself but haven't seen the behaviors you're describing in my local files. Some of the remote ones though on slower connections (coffeehouse wifi and LTE) has been noticeable, but nothing too different than iOS8+13/14


              I've been testing on an iPad mini 2nd gen.

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                Markus Schneider

                as I wrote the answer to TS Pigeons post, the keyboard did not pop up - in jive... second time today


                I'm doing really a lot with my iPad (Air2), all day long - and it's getting really worse under iOS9. While answering this posting, I can't move the cursor using my finger, again... (a long tap will not move the insertion mark - but this can be jive..)


                I find the button bar with the formatting tools bad, really not needed here - I hit underline etc one or another time accidentally - but this is ok (I know why happens..)

                but I strongly believe in Steve Jobs reasoning: A touch devise is a touch device, not something with keyboard, mouse, pen, etc...


                when one uses the ipad on the road (means trains, busses,), often one writes with one or two fingers... adding unnecessary buttons will break that use-case. The new split view breaks the one-finger swipe in the browser... swiping back works, swiping forwards will bring up split view...


                FIleMaker is just one thing - but I encountered problems on several devices in several apps - and jive is still one of the worse ones concerning iOS.. What also happens: Text will disappear under new button bar (formatting bar)..

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                  Markus Schneider

                  2 examples for misplaced selection in jive (just a bit off-topic, seems to be a jive issue under iOS9..)

                  screenshot 1 - correct, black option over the word, selection ok


                  screenshot 2 - wrong... black optin is correct, but selection wrong..


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                    Markus Schneider

                    back to square one... we've had this under earlier versions of 13, v14 was much better - until now, iOS9


                    btw. the device is *not* jailbreaked, never was, was running very well


                    I know, I can do a restart and everything is fine again