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Create report for specific months

Question asked by lcottingham on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2015 by erolst

Hi - I am relatively new to file maker and this is my first database from scratch.


I have worked with the invoices starter solution quite a bit but I now require a small, but bespoke database creating to fit my need. I have worked with MO Access in the past but I know FMP is not the same.


In short, the purpose is the following:

To create a record of various sales, categorise them by sale type, sale value and then calculate the commissions due on each sale (20% of the sale). I then need to be able to create a printable monthly report adopting an invoice style showing a list of all the sales that month and the grand totals of the net sales and total commission. Easy right!


Currently I have the following:

  • 1 Table called 'Sales' with the fields of
    • Sale ID (unique)
    • Date
    • Customer
    • Invoice ref
    • Amount Received
    • Fulfilled (a boolean checkbox about if the sale was fulfilled and paid for e.g. fulfilled)
    • Commission (calculation = if (fulfilled = 1 [yes] (amount received * 0.2) ; 0 )
  • 2 Layouts for the 'Sales' table
    • 1 List view of the records
    • 1 edit / create new view


That is as far as I have got. Would someone be able to assist me or walk me through my next steps in order to create a printable report. I am not sure if a portal is my correct path to read into here? Any assistance would be great.


What I would like

I would like if possible be able to select a month and year, perhaps in a dropdown list or in a popup box prompt, and for it to run a script to generate a printable report outlining the selected month/year's sales in a list with the two totals calculated.


I am using FMP 14