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Peform Find in related layout without switching to it?

Question asked by dinoapolito on Oct 4, 2015
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I have my users enter certain criteria on a popover on Layout 1 (which is a Form)


Their input is captured to variables which I want to use in a FIND on a different layout - Layout 2 (List) where the results are then printed to PDF.


This all works but I need to change to Layout 2 which I want to avoid. Why? Because I don't want the user to lose context. I want them to stay where they are. Ideally I want all that process to happen in the background. The Window they are on to start with is Maximized and if my scrip opens a new window for Layout 2 the original window pops out of Maximum and it all just looks ugly and amateurish.


IS what I'm asking possible?