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    Project phases



      I'm a beginner FileMaker user, and I have begun to set up a system for a company providing services. I have the tables and links set up and working for contacts, clients, projects and staff. I now need to include the phases for each project, and the associated fees. I have a list of possible phases, which vary for each project. The fees for each phase also vary according to the project.

      Could someone advise me on the best way to include the phases. I will need to compile the phases and total the fees for each project.

      Thank you for your help !

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          First thing you need is a new table, say ProjectPhases, related to the Project table by a foreign key. Each record describes one phase of one project, incl the attribute “fee”. If you're using free form phase names, you'd also need a field for the phase name.


          If you have a number of recurring phases (or phase types), then I'd suggest you create another new table – Phase – to store them; here you would also store attributes like description, standard fee, short name, chronological order etc. …

          Then your related table would be a join table between Project and Phase (true to its name), related to its two parent tables by two foreign keys.

          Structure is either

          Project --< ProjectPhase, or

          Project --< ProjectPhase >-- Phase

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            Thank you for your reply erolst. I created a join table for my Project >--< Staff tables and that works fine, but when I do the same for "Phases", I'm not sure where to go to choose the phases for each project. I tried an external table in "Projects", but I don't seem to be able to choose phases... I'll try again... thank you for letting me know I was on the right track.

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              Not sure what you mean by “external table”. If you have


              Project --< ProjectPhase >-- Phase


              you can create ProjectPhase records by (at least) two methods. Assuming you have a portal into ProjectPhase on your ProjectRecord …


              • create a value list of Phase::id and Phase::name, display only second field, put ProjectPhase::id_phase into the portal and format is as popup with that value list. Selecting a phase from the popup create a new ProjectPhase record, where id_project = current and id_phase = selected in picker


              • create a Cartesian ( x ) relationship between Project and a new Phase table occurrence, and use that as a picker portal. (With FM≥13, you can stash away that portal in a popover.)


              Then write a script to create ProjectPhase records, where id_project = current and id_phase = selected in picker).


              The second approach is a bit more difficult, but much more flexible.

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                Sorry, I'm working in french so am not always sure of the terms in english and was translating literally... an external table is actually a portal

                Thank you for that, I'll try the second approach, and if I don't manage it, I'll try the first one.