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Images print in bad quality on layouts but fine on screen

Question asked by ryanmead83 on Oct 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by evanpan

I replicated my Excel quote template into FileMaker which has a few images like our logo on it.  First I just did the old Ctrl-C from Excel and Ctrl-V into FileMaker which inserted them fine.  When I preview/browse the layout they look perfect.  If I print to PDF the PDF also looks perfect.  If I print though either from FileMaker or Adobe, the images look really bad, especially our logo which is made of text, it has artifacts all around it like it's cut the quality down to 20% basically is the best way to describe it.


I've tried making the images huge, like 1920x1080 and scaling down, which made it a bit better quality but only slight.  I've tried inserting as pictures, copying and pasting directly from Photoshop, they all do the same thing, look great on screen and print like garbage.  If I print from my Excel quote they look perfect.  Printer is a band new colour laser as well and works perfect in every other application.  Even if I use a different printer though it does the same thing.


I'm at a loss, I've tried so many file sizes, and ways to insert it but they all do the same thing.  Management is wanting me to go back to using Excel for quotes but wanted to see if I'm missing something as it's literally night and day difference between what Excel makes and what FileMaker does.