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      I am trying to insert a pdf file (created by Filemaker) into a fied. I am using the Insert Field step, but nothing is being put into the field. The file is currently being stored on the desktop and if i insert it manually, it does appear. Can anybody spot what I am doing wrong ? The script is below:-


      email quote.jpg

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          Markus Schneider

          check the path, ie by debugger or by showing a custom dialog with $filename. I'm on iPad can't test - but isn't it a slash instead of an backslash - and the filename shoukdn't need the slash anyway


          btw. the script saves to the temp folder, not desktop

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            You never set $temp_folder. You need to add a Set Variable script step to do this. Something like this:


                 Set Variable [ $temp_folder ; Get ( TemporaryPath ) ]

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              Try removing the Enter Preview Mode[] step.

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                Markus Schneider

                same for $job_id..


                I would start over with that script, from scratch

                - define variables

                - get desired records (find, etc)

                - set correct state (browse)...

                - export to $filepath (with filename)

                -> then check for that file

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                  Also remember, if you are inserting a pdf, you need to start the file path with "imagewin:". It won't work if you leave this out.

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                    Thanks - I should have pointed out that I only posted the relevant part of the script - not the whole lot. It has been working succesfully for a couple of months until I had to make a change.


                    kind regards


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                      Thanks - can you explain how to add imagewin to the filepath ? And what if you have a Mac ? (The client has a network of both Macs and windows).

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                        erolst - Thanks for your suggestion to get rid of Enter Preview mode. I have put it back in Browse mode as per the script below (which also shows that all variables have been defined) - but I still don't get the file beingemail quote NEW.jpg stored. Any suggestions ?

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                          Kaps_1 wrote:

                          erolst - Thanks for your suggestion to get rid of Enter Preview mode. I have put it back in Browse mode as per the script below


                          Well, when I said “get rid of it” I meant it; just like Print[], Save Records as PDF[] doesn't require you to switch to Preview mode; these operations will automatically create their output based on it. So you can optimize your script by avoiding the potentially expensive switching back and fro between P and B mode.


                          (By the same (or a similar) token, you don't need to Show All Records before performing a Find.)


                          Now, is the field into which you want to insert actually on the layout?

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                            Thank you erolst - putting the field on the layout solved the trick. Much appreciated.