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Can you do development on the new Macbook?

Question asked by snimmo on Oct 5, 2015

Hello. I am somewhat new to FileMaker but so far excited with what it appears it could do. I have an older Macbook Pro 15" and am looking to supplement it with a smaller footprint as it is increasingly difficult to work on a plane these days with the shrinking real estate they allow you on flights. Usually you have marginal space in front of you and a 15" laptop can hardly fit in the space. If the person in front of you reclines their seat you are screwed.


I am wondering if anyone has tried to use the new Macbook to do development with Filemaker. I really like the footprint and the overall look and feel of the Macbook but realize the processing power is less than a Macbook Pro but I plan to keep my 15 inch Macbook Pro for times I need to do video editing and other more draining work.


If the Macbook would work sufficiently for developing FileMaker solutions I would love to use that as a supplemental machine.


Anyone have firsthand experience?