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Air-Printing in FileMaker Go 14 - Pause needed ?

Question asked by larsheise on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by rgordon

Running FileMaker Go 14 on iOS 9 ( newest versions )


I have a long script running with full access that ends up with:


going to a layout

Install Menu Set ( std. FileMaker )



Every time the print button in the print dialog is greyed out on my iPad.

After a lot of struggling - the only thing I have come up with is to put a Pause of 1 second after the Install Menu script step.


If I set the layout to use Std. FileMaker Menu set - the script also needs a pause to work.


Have also experimented with:


go to layout

Install menu

pause 0,5


pause 0,5



Then the first print menu is greyed out - the second one works  ( most of the times )


Is there a better solution ? Is this expected behaviour ?