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Expanding contact DB with newsletter system

Question asked by BKamp on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by BKamp

Hi guys!


I have used FM’s standard contact template to create a contact database. I’ve kept the structure intact and like to expand it’s features with a newsletter system which can keep track who received what letters.


Ive already created an interest table with two fields:

  • interests (text)

The purpose of this table is to be able to assign interests to each contact!I’ve linked the standard contact table to my new interest table with CONTACT ID MATCHING FIELD = CONTACT ID MATCHING FIELD.I’ve allowed creation and delete in the interests table trough this relationship That part was easy for me, now I’m stuck on how to (step by step):

  1. create a custom newsletter (content will vary with each letter, layout will stay the same)
  2. Letter must use merge fields of contacts that share one or more interests based on selection (example, print only letters with people that interest in Filemaker)
  3. Must print the letter and a sticker label with address-info to pdf format so we can save and print it. We actually wanna sent the physical letter by post
  4. keep track that that letter was printed for that contact in a portal or somehow on the contact detail layout


Imagine I have 300 contacts, 40 interest in Filemaker, I would have to create a selection of those 40 people and assign a newsletter to them from the newsletter table I imagine. After that with one scripted button click step 2-4 from above should be executed.


Can anybody point me in the right direction on how to do this?