How do you handle undeleting or undoing changes to records?

Discussion created by ryanmead83 on Oct 6, 2015
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Hi everyone,


I have a basic CRM running in FileMaker.  Once in awhile I'll mess up, be in a customer name field for example and accidentally overwrite it, click out of it and it saves it with no way to just revert back.  I know that I can set a layout to not save record changes automatically, but that's really not ideal because if you make a new record and your cursor is in the account name field but you click out of it, it does that annoying popup saying duplicate found, revert etc so it's not elegant and not what we want.


Other than scripting, doing things like on record entry, duplicate it to a temp record, delete it after record exit, or things like that, are there any ways that are built in that I'm missing, or plugins or ways to do this easier?  Right now I have to log into server, open a backup from the night before locally to see what the value was, and then change it back.  There are rules so that regular reps can't delete things, but doesn't help when I do by mistake and then the whole record is completely gone.  Just wondering what most people do as it doesn't happen often enough to spend hours writing scripts etc to duplicate records like mentioned.


Is there any way at all to set records so that it works like most systems like Salesforce, where you enter it, but have to click "Edit" to put the record into Edit mode, and then have to press "Save" for it to commit the changes, otherwise it reverts them back but without that annoying pop up every time you change fields?  I tried turning off auto save but it really doesn't work due to the issue I mentioned above.