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    Progressive Backups have stopped


      I've been reviewing my backup schedules on my FileMaker Server 13 and checking the files in my Backup folder. When I looked into the PB folder I noticed that there had not been a progressive backup since Sep 10. When I look at the Server Admin Console, progressive backups are enabled and set for a 5 minute interval. The path matches the PB folder on the disk.


      It occurred to me that perhaps the path, although it looked correct had a problem. So I created a new folder, PB1 and re-entered the path. I clicked Validate, and didn't get any error. But when I click Save it doesn't seem to do a save. Because if I try to go to another page on the console, I get a message that there are unsaved changes.


      I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to resolve this problem and get progressive backups happening again.




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          Two suggestions:

          1. Either restart the FMS computer or use the Terminal app on the FMS computer to restart the Admin-console to make sure it is showing the correct information. Then verify the Progressive Folder path. You should get an acknowledgment that the path is valid.


          fmsadmin restart adminserver -y


          Enter the FMS admin username and password.


          2. Do a Disk permissions repair.

          Open the Disk Utility app and select Repair Permissions for the Hard Drive.