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B2B relationship database

Question asked by dannygrio on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by bigtom

Dear all,


I am trying to create a simple and efficient database to manage relationship with other companies. In this case hotels!


Therefore, I would like to know, how I can start a filemaker database to manage the following:


- I have 100 contacts that I work with = 100 Hotels and they are all protect clients


- Each Hotel has a value given by me of their importance to my business = I can call this Number of Stars


- I need to create information about the hotels, like number of rooms, average room value,  promotion, benefit give, location, amenities, check in time and check out time, if they ar remember of an association etc..


- I would also like to file each Hotel with an image or more images of the properties if I can


- A field for extra observation etc.


- And key staff contact details, ex: general Manager, Owner, Reception contact etc.


- A field for notes for each contact.


I understand that maybe creating this is simple, but I am a bit confused, since most people deal with contacts of people only and write the company they work in. In this case, I am curating a number of companies that I think are my clients and in each company I should have staff contacts. Nevertheless, the details that I want to manage are of these companies. Rooms, location, price etc..


Any tutorial or any guidance for this?