Webviewer and Google MyMaps

Discussion created by wacole1213 on Oct 7, 2015
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Am working in FM Pro 13 Advanced on Windows 7, version 13.0v5.   A number of months ago when Google switched from Google Map Engine to Google My Maps, I updated a webviewer in one of my applications to work with Google My Maps.  The configuration was relatively straightforward; I had a field which contained the URL for the map in question [in Google My Maps choose Share and copy the URL shown].  In the webviewer I configured with a Custom Web Address pointing to the field with the URL.  This worked fine.  I got busy with other things and then about several weeks ago noticed that the webviewer was no longer displaying the Google My Map that my URL was pointing to.


I went back to Google My Maps, went to the Share field for the map in question, copied the URL [which was a little different from the earlier one] and pasted it into by field which is used by the Web Viewer.  Didn't work.


Would appreciate any clues as to what might be going on.  Assuming that Google changed something, but I haven't a clue what that may have been.


Thanks very much,

Bill Cole