Server-Side Scripts with PDFs

Discussion created by RachelMills on Oct 7, 2015
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Greetings, experts!

I have what I had hoped would be an easy question, but after much research online, I suspect it's not so simple.


I have a simple script that runs a report of specified parameters at midnight each night. It then saves the report as a PDF and emails it directly to the person assigned to take care of the issues contained in the report..... Or it would, if I could figure out how to save a PDF in a script scheduled on the server. It works perfectly, except doesn't attach the PDF (just sends the email with no attachment). I understand that the script step "Save as PDF" isn't compatible with server-side scripts, which is obviously why it's not working.


1. Is there a relatively easy way to save PDFs in a server-side (scheduled) script?


2. Is there a way to schedule something in my FM Advanced to say, run the report as me (admin) tonight and email it from there?


Thanks in advance!!