How to make a History Log

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Hello All,


I want to track the Lot Number of a Receiving Data base which I log all materials that are coming to our Warehouse. Every production I issue a Inventory Card for each material they needed, where they write the Quantity they dispense and the Lot Number of Material where they used it, the Date and the Quantity Remaining.


Below are the fields of my Materials Table


Material ID TextIndex; Auto Enter Serial
Material NameText
Material LotNumber
Quantity ReceivedNumber
Quantity UsedNumber
Quantity on HandCalculationQuantity Received - Quantity Used
Supplier Text
Manufacturer LotText


Lot History

History IDTextIndex; Auto Enter Serial
Lot Numbers UsedText
Card Issued DateDate
Card Returned DateDate


Can you please help me setup the relationship ; and please suggest fields that can also be included.


Thank you so much to any help and suggestions for the development of my project.