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    How to make a History Log


      Hello All,


      I want to track the Lot Number of a Receiving Data base which I log all materials that are coming to our Warehouse. Every production I issue a Inventory Card for each material they needed, where they write the Quantity they dispense and the Lot Number of Material where they used it, the Date and the Quantity Remaining.


      Below are the fields of my Materials Table


      Material ID TextIndex; Auto Enter Serial
      Material NameText
      Material LotNumber
      Quantity ReceivedNumber
      Quantity UsedNumber
      Quantity on HandCalculationQuantity Received - Quantity Used
      Supplier Text
      Manufacturer LotText


      Lot History

      History IDTextIndex; Auto Enter Serial
      Lot Numbers UsedText
      Card Issued DateDate
      Card Returned DateDate


      Can you please help me setup the relationship ; and please suggest fields that can also be included.


      Thank you so much to any help and suggestions for the development of my project.

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          If still important, You could get in Contact with me.


          FM Internal normal state logging ist easy. All You need ist a short script. Depending on the need of the quantity of parameters that should be logged, the Script parameter list could get versatile. I strongly recommend to do it via script parameter because You can use the same Script for any place in the system without any modifications.

          Then the the important part will be at which changes a new record should be written an how to trigger the script at the right moment. Usually the changes making a log entry nescessary are steered by scripts anyhow. (That's the way I work now, and since FM Adv. 14 even quite a bit better)

          Only to mention an alternative: Big volume statistical logging without Script can be made completety automatic via table occurance with the create tag set. That is a method rather for professional data analysts and tends to create so many records, You'll need an analyser to read it.


          What I am looking for is a possibility to log my Testruns in an external file - in a way the records will be written even when FileMaker Crashes after 1 or 2 hundreds of a second. FileMaker itself doesn't seem to do it.

          That means to me, that FileMaker is now speeding forwards with executing scriptsteps even when the subscript is not finished yet. Haven't found a way to slow that down, but there musst be possibilities to do so becaus the execution could'nt be consistent otherwise.

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            Hi crm,


            Thanks for the reply. Im still open to any suggestions that can help me in making history of materials.





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              What is the purpose of "id_constant"? Also is this a one to many relationship? If so which table is the Parent? From what I see I can't imagine how these tables are related properly. I ask because you asked how to set up the relationship.

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                Hi time_saver,


                Thank you for the reply.


                It is one to many relationship. The parent Table is the Material table. I asked how to set up because if I will change my quantity on Hand into Calculation my other calculation field is giving me ? that I dont know why.



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                  ok. In your child table the History id, which I assume is supposed to be a match field, should not be an auto entered serial. It should be a foreign key, say Material_ID_fk which should be a text field (to be safe) with no auto enter options. This is assuming you want these fields to be match fields and I can't see any other possibilities from your shot.

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                    Thanks time_saver,


                    this is relation to my post, how can I make my calculation in my quantity on hand not to break my calculation fields?