Discussion created by Ben_B94 on Oct 7, 2015
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If I have two tables, Contacts and Calls, both with a primary key field and Calls contains a foreign key field also.


How do I get it so that I can display all information about a contact and also the information about calls relating to only that contact. Do I need to make another table occurrence of calls and join it to the contacts table? If so what join do I use.


I have my two layouts with various fields on them and created a 3rd layout and based it on the contacts table then tried using a portal to show the details of the calls but when I do that the portal is empty. If I use another table occurrence I don't understand what join to use. If I use x that displays all the calls in the portal relating to everyone but I guess that's the whole point of a Cartesian join?



Also is there anywhere I can get a beginners tutorial on relationships I understand the need for it but it is displaying the data and on what layout that confuses me.