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How to add spaces between folders a script creates

Question asked by dyb on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by erolst

Dear Filemaker Community,


I wanted to create a script that will create a number of folders which names are based on user input text from specified fields.

I have this script (script step: Perform AppleScript):

Let ([Qmk = "\""; var1 = Table1::Field1; var2 = Table1::Field2; var3 = Tabel1::Field3];

"do shell script " & Qmk & "mkdir -p /MainDirectory/" & var1 & var2 & "/" & var3 & "/" & var1 & "{sub1,sub2,sub3}" & Qmk)


The script is able to create file structure like this:






I am would be very pleased if i could add spaces to the folder names.

var1 var2


          var1 sub1

          var1 sub2

          var1 sub3


So far i get only errors with "permission denied".

I can easily create folders like this using terminal but apparently i am completely new to filemaker...

Terminal works like this:

mkdir -p '/MainDirectory/var1 var2'

mkdir -p /MainDirectory/'var1 var2'

mkdir -p /MainDirectory/"var1 var2"

or even like this

mkdir -p /MainDirectory/var1\ var2



How can i manage this in filemaker?