FMP Advanced 14 crashing horribly on El Capitan.

Discussion created by jamie@lindemann-electric.com on Oct 6, 2015

Well guys, I did something stupid.  I upgraded to El Capitan and now my filemaker db that runs my whole company is broken.  I am very, very surprised that Apple is releasing such horrible updates lately.  I am going through it with my iPhone, iPad and Apple watch.  All systems are broken and are working like a first stage beta.  Very Frustrating.  BUT I can only blame myself, DON'T UPDATE!!!!!!  I am now looking at downgrading to Yosemite but that is painful as well so not sure what I am going to do.  Anyone know when this Update from Filemaker is going to be released?  I am needing it badly and have learned my lesson!!! 


Anyone else having crashing issues with FMP.  Where I notice it the most is when I close a window that isn't my main window.  It crashes every time.  I wrote my own system that runs my business in WorkOrders, Purchase Orders, Inventory and Invoicing and this latest bug has really killed my system I worked VERY hard at creating.


Hope I can send a comment to this discussion in the next day or so complimenting Filemaker on fixing these issues and getting the system back to the lovable Filemaker I am used to bragging to my competitors about.