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Count of individual student entries

Question asked by jxjarvi on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by jxjarvi

I want to count the number of times a student is entered into a discipline data base.

Each have a unique ID number.

For example, student 13453 has 42 entries.

I want that number to show up as a field in my table.


Here is what I tried:


f your version of FileMaker Pro does not support the ExecuteSQL function, you can accomplish the same results using a couple of summary fields, one calculation field and sorting your database.

Start by defining a summary field called "TotalCount" which is a Count Of LocationField

Next, create a calculation field called "FractionOf" with the following expression:

1 / GetSummary (TotalCount ; LocationField)

This calculation gets the reciprocal of the TotalCount summary field. The GetSummary function is used to return the value of the "TotalCount" summary field when the database is sorted by the "LocationField" field.

Lastly, create another summary field called "UniqueCount" which is a total of the "FractionOf" calculation field. The "UniqueCount"field is the only field that you need to place on your layouts (if needed) to display the count of unique records.

After you have created the three fields above, sort your database by "LocationField" to provide a count of unique records in the "UniqueCount" field.