Filemaker DSN configuration

Discussion created by sneha on Oct 7, 2015
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Hi. I am trying to configure Filemaker ODBC client driver (64 bit) on 64-bit windows os.

I go through following steps:

Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Data Sources(ODBC)

In Data Sources(ODBC), it opens ODBC data source administrator ->select user DSN ->press Add button.

It will open Create New Data Source and select a driver Name : FileMaker ODBC

Click Finish.


This will give Filemaker DSN Configuration window which I am not able to see completely. The window contains message that to configure your data source, click the Next button. The window is cut down so I am not able to click Next button. I am currently using tab from keyboard to select Next button but this is not a good idea. Could anyone help me how to get complete window.


Even I tried to delete ODBC client driver and reinstall it. But did not work out.